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Norfolk Homes has been building dreams since 1993. The dream does not stop once you move into your home; the dream has been realized, and you are living it daily. For this reason, and many more, Norfolk Homes takes the warranty of your home extremely important.

Norfolk Homes is one of the few builders that has a scheduled post-closing warranty visit to ensure that all of your warranty needs are meet. This personal attention does not stop after the building concludes; Norfolk Homes continues to maintain your dream through the warranty process

Warranty Service Guidelines
At Norfolk Homes, our goal is to give you the best customer service throughout the building process. This customer service does not end once you live in the home. We respect you, your time, and your home; and strive for a timely response in any warranty requests received from our owners. Please review the following Warranty Guidelines before submitting your service request to ensure the timely response you deserve.

Scheduled Post-Closing Warranty Visit
As part of our commitment to service your home throughout the warranty period, we have instituted a prescheduled post-closing warranty visit at 11 months. The objective of the scheduled warranty visit is to ensure your comfort and happiness with your home and meet your warranty needs in a timely manner.

Your homeowner manual provides all of the information of how to schedule your appointment and the Service Request Form need to complete the warranty work. If you have any questions, please feel free to talk to the warranty office or your sales counselor that help you build your home. As with regular warranty service, you or your authorized representative must be present to provide access to the home for service items to be completed.

Regular Warranty Service
In addition to the prescheduled post-closing warranty visits, regular warranty service is also available from 8-4 Monday-Wednesday. Regular warranty service should only be scheduled for service items that need to be addressed prior to the scheduled post-closing warranty visits. You or your authorized representative must be present to provide access to the home for service items to be completed. You will be contacted to arrange an appointment date and time. Please submit all of your claims in writing by email, USPS mail, or fax.

Emergency Warranty Service
Emergency warranty service is available after hours, on weekends and holidays by contacting the emergency service number provided in your homeowner manual. Also, be sure to look at your 24 hour emergency numbers given to you by your construction manager with the companies that completed the work on your home in your electric panel. Some examples of emergencies include gas leaks, no heat in extreme cold, no cooling in extreme heat, severe electrical problems, or severe plumbing leaks that cannot be isolated.

In order to ensure that Norfolk is serving their customers to the utmost standard, we ask our homeowners to fill out surveys to receive feedback. This is just one more way to improve the customer service that we give to each one of our homeowners. Norfolk has two separate surveys that are sent out 90 Days after closing and a more in depth survey at the One-Year Anniversary of the closing.

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